Finance Department's Diversified Responsibilities

  • Formulation and administration of the City's annual budget.
  • Collection of all revenues; including real property tax billing, and collection.
  • Water/sewer billing and collection.
  • Administration of grants from federal and state sources.
  • Payments to vendors for services rendered.
  • The City's payroll, health insurance, worker's compensation, deferred compensation, and NYS retirement.
  • The administration of Tax Sales.
  • Filing of Tax Liens.
  • Redemptions and servicing the City's financial portfolio.

What We Do Just for You

The above items are complex and vital, but what does the Finance Office do especially for you the taxpayer? We handle your real property tax billing and collection, water/sewer billing and collection and collect all monies for the City licenses and permits. When you need help or information we are here to assist you in a friendly and courteous manner. We explain possible water leaks in the home, how to test for them, and how to better conserve water. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact us using the following options: telephone at 845-346-4150, fax 343-1101, or by email.

The 2024 City Wide Budget is NOW Available.

2024 City-Wide Budget 

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