Tips to Prevent Auto Related Thefts

Like many municipalities in our local area, the City of Middletown has seen an alarming increase in property thefts involving motor vehicles. This includes stolen vehicles, stolen catalytic converters, and property stolen from inside of parked unoccupied vehicles. We are working hard to locate and arrest those who are responsible for these crimes, but you can also take simple steps that can help prevent you from becoming the next victim.

Vehicle and property thefts can happen very quickly. Recent surveillance footage has shown catalytic converters being cut off and removed from a vehicle in less than three minutes, costing the vehicle owner more than $1,000!

Please be alert and immediately report any suspicious individuals or activity to the police department. Follow these tips:

  • Always keep your vehicle locked
  • Hide valuables, electronics, purses, and wallets from plain view
  • Park in busy, well-lit areas
  • Never leave your car running and unattended
  • Be alert for individuals looking into car windows or trying door handles
  • Be alert for vehicles traveling through neighborhoods late at night without their headlights on, as they may be looking for their next target
Car Larceny Flyer