Mandatory Water Meter Installation

Dear City of Middletown Water Customer,

The City of Middletown has retained Energy Systems Group (ESG), and indirectly Professional Meters, Inc. (PMI), to install new automatic reading water meters at every water service location. The vast majority of meters have already been replaced by PMI since the beginning of their work in April of 2017. PMI will be ceasing their meter replacement efforts by end of October 2017.

PMI indicates that there is a number of locations which have not been cooperative in scheduling appointments to have their meter replaced, even after 4 notice attempts made by PMI.

Please Note: Any remaining meter locations that have not been scheduled and replaced by the time that PMI ceases meter installations for the City of Middletown, will incur a $200 surcharge fee (added to their regularly scheduled water bill) for each subsequent billing period, and is subject to water service termination. Furthermore, please also note the following responsibilities of the owner:

  • It is the owner's responsibility to schedule and coordinate an appointment with PMI to have their meter changed immediately. Call PMI toll free at 866-965-0658.
  • All interior Shut Off Valves and Meters shall be easily assessable (all obstructions must be addressed by the home owner).
  • Flooded meter spaces must be pumped and dried by the owner for the meter change appointment.

If you've received this letter and have already had your meter changed, or currently have a scheduled meter change appointment, please disregard this letter. The City of Middletown Department of Public Works is appreciative of your cooperation in this matter.

Please contact Deputy Commissioner Brian Smith or me if you have any questions.

Jacob S. Tawil, PE
Commissioner of Public Works