BreweryIn a Press Conference held on March 4th, 2014, Mayor of Middletown Joseph M DeStefano announced a new addition to the Downtown Middletown Area. H Heritage Properties LLC purchased the Clemson Brother’s Property, located on Cottage Street. Within the next 5 years, residents of Middletown can expect to see numerous changes to the current property, while it still retains its natural charms. Kenan Porter and Tony Tello of H Heritage Properties are extremely optimistic about the project.

The plans for the building include Residential and Commercial units that will be finished within the first year of the project. The Residential Units will range from twelve to twenty five hundred square feet, high ceilings and based on an early industrial era of the twentieth century.  The Industrial Units will retain the 3 businesses that are currently located on site and H Heritage Properties LLC also has plans to bring in others, wanting to bring jobs to the community. They will also be adding a Restaurant and a Micro-Brewery, which is scheduled to be open within two years called Clemson Brewery. The restaurant plans on having an upscale yet rustic factory appearance, with a toned down punk theme with copper tones and notes of the pre-prohibition style era. The food will be an Americana Cuisine, coming from the 1930s to the 1950s. The Micro-Brewery will have a ten thousand barrel annual output, state of the art production, and a line capable of filling 60 bottles per second. Several brands will be contracted out under the company, and they already have a foothold in the distribution system and will be seen all over the north east. 

Already Porter and Tello are working on their perfect recipe for their beer and are eager to get under way. While the town has given them five years to set up their operation, the two expect to get the project completed sooner. We look forward to keeping an eye out on the project and wish them the best of luck.