Have you heard the news? If you attended the press conference on May 22nd, or saw the footage on Channel 20, then you have heard the YMCA on Highland Ave is closing their pool in one year. But don't fret, with their new campaign, Save The Last Lap, the YMCA is trying to raise awareness about the condition of their pool, and help raise funds for the new one! With the recent additions of an elevator and a pool lift, the YMCA expects the number of patrons who plan on using the pool will grow tremendously over the next year. With more people using the pool, its imperative for any structural and mechanical issues to be addressed soon. The current pool has been in place for over 50 years, and while regular maintenance is done to keep their pool in top shape, its time for an update. Which is why the #SavetheLastLap campaign has begun. Using TwitterFacebook, and their website, word is being spread about the condition of their current pool and help raise donations for their new one.

In in a regular week, the YMCA's pool sees 500 children participating in swim lessons, 80 adults swimming laps, the Y's Barracudas Swim Team, 50 families during family swim, 175 adults participating in water exercise classes, and numerous group homes and special populations using the pool. Information like this and more is available at their website, Plus you can learn how to make a pledge, what the duckies mean, read stories of those that have used the pool in the past 50 years. Enjoy!